Sardinia's island motivates a survival

Saturnalia does not yet have a launch date, yet its designers can currently guarantee that it will certainly be offered on PC through Epic Games Store , who has the exclusivity of the title, as well as will be released on more systems that will certainly be announced in the future. In addition, it ought to be noted that Santa Ragione's job has obtained an honorary reference at the Independent Games Festival of 2022 and was nominated at the A.maze festival as well as in the indiecade rewards.

Saturnalia will certainly be readily available on PC using Epic Games Store as well as will certainly get to a lot more systems in the future As you can see in the video clip put at the start of this news, the new of Santa Ragione baby from a method motivated by the cinema of Italian horror to provide a journey set on the island of Sardinia. Here, we will certainly need to control four characters that, with various abilities, ought to be made with the fictitious city of Gravoi to escape from a ritual that is well known annually during the winter solstice.

Survival The Italian team of Santa Ragione has managed to stand out on the planet of computer game with proposals as surprising as Wheels of Aurelia, an occupation title that raises its action as if it were a narrative journey. Nevertheless, the research has actually now gone with the Survival-Horror with Saturnalia, which currently has an initial gameplay that strengthens its technicians Roguelike .

The title will require us to lead ourselves by this mystical city without the possibility of speaking with a map, so we need to remember one of the most legendary locations of the place and the streets with which they connect. This auto mechanic will be a lot more complex if all our personalities die, because individuals are generated procedurally and will certainly transform every single time the game finishes . This will certainly not remove the player's procedure, which can proceed to solve the challenges of the game as long as it manages to put between the alleys as well as get away from a monster that will stalk the characters regularly.


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